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"A picture is worth a thousand words" we are told, and a video is worth as many more again.

Here are some links to videos about Freemasonry to be found on the UGLE web site

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  1. An interview with the Grand Secretary

    Nigel Brown, the secretary of the United Grand Lodge of England addresses some common misconceptions and answers some common questions asked about freemasonry.

  2. A tour of the Grand Lodge building

    In this video you are taken on a tour of Freemasons Hall, the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England in London.

  3. An interview with a young freemason

    Freemasonry is often seen as an "Old Mans Preserve". Here a young mason tells his reasons for joining and something of the appeal freemasonry has.

  4. A famous freemason

    There have been many famous men who have been Freemasons, this video is about one of them, Fieldmarshal Harold Alexander who became "Alexander of Tunis"

  5. Charitable Works

    We are often asked "What good is Freemasonry?", well Freemason's Hall is the first port of call after a disaster.

  6. Charitable Works

    Our assistance goes to home as well as abroad

  7. What's it about?

    A link to the new Grand Lodge video "Freemasonry - What's It All About?"

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