Lodge No.5315 meeting in the Province of Northumberland

TLC Appeal

Back in 2001 the wife of an Essex freemason was rushed into hospital with a violent
allergic reaction.

Prompt action in the A&E department saved her life but they found it "The most
terrifying experience in our lives".

Seeking a way to give their thanks they realised just how a child might feel in such
circumstances. They discussed this with members of his lodge and the idea of
"Teddies for Loving Care" was born.

This simple idea of giving a distressed child in hospital a soft toy as a comfort
has proven a great success and has since snowballed to a nationwide charity
the "TLC Appeal".

For full information on this, visit the appeals website at ""
or just click here.

A local reaction can be seen in the local NHS house magazine HERE (©Northumbria NHS Trust)

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