Lodge No.5315 meeting in the Province of Northumberland

Some years ago United Grand Lodge published two booklets about Freemasonry.

One was entitled "Your Questions Answered" which set out to answer the most frequently asked questions about Freemasonry. It can be downloaded HERE.

The other was "Freemasonry: An Approach to Life" which you can download HERE.

These were small, pocket sized pamphlets intended to be handed out to anyone who was interested. Since then and with the growth of the Internet it has become much easier to distribute information and there is now another such "booklet" but this has been designed for distribution "on the Web" and sets out to answer your questions once you are "Thinking of becoming a Freemason".
This can be downloaded HERE.

There were in addition some leaflets which you can download here :--

All of these are in PDF format and you will need "Adobe Reader" to view them.

Most computers already have this program but you can download it FREE from the Adobe web site by clicking on their logo here.Adobe logo

Downloadable Files

  1. Your Questions Answered booklet
  2. An Approach to Life booklet
  3. Thinking of becoming a Freemason booklet
  4. "What is Freemasonry"
  5. "Freemasonry and Society"
  6. "Freemasonry and Religion"
  7. "Freemasonry's External Relations"
  8. "Regular Freemasonry and Public Affairs"
  9. "Craft Meetings in Northumberland"
  10. "Chapter Meetings in Northumberland"
  11. "Mark Meetings in Northumberland"
  12. "Additional Degrees in Northumberland"
  13. "Craft Meetings in Durham"
  14. "Chapter Meetings in Durham"
  15. "Mark Meetings in Durham"
  16. "Additional Degrees in Durham"

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